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My name is Monica, my friends call me Mo I am a true entrepreneur, sacrifice, patience and tenacity are My closest friends. I created Monica Silee Designs to embrace My creativity and who I am, I became interested in baking and cake decorating long ago in the kitchen with my Great Grandmother who was also a great baker she inspires what I do today, event design came long after, I've always enjoyed entertaining my family and friends by making every gathering I held beautiful and unique. I am fulfilled with happiness providing moments of joy to my clients by creating luxury cakes for all occasions, whether elegant or fun you will find something in My designs that will compliment who you are, or someone you know. 

I am not only an entrepreneur, but I am also a mom, a friend and much more.

Expressing who you are to others is not always easy, and I do My best to make that possible with My designs.

All of My creations are made with Love, which makes them special, just like you.


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